L’Horace is a singer, songwriter, producer, and record label executive, among some of his attributes. Born Leonard Horace Clarke, he resided in Jamaica, W.I. until early adolescence, at which time he migrated with his family to the United States. L’ realized his gift as a singer by age 10. He grew up listening to artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley and Sanchez to name a few. He was influenced by music genres such as Reggae, Gospel, and Soul/Contemporary R & B. 

       While in high school he met a (Solo) friend and so began his musical journey. From there L’ began performing at local talent shows and eventually nightclubs, which established several business relationships and later evolved into working in the studio. After much development in his musical career, L’ transitioned from a duo to a group called “Culture Posse”. 

       Fast forward several years later, L’s entering the Church motivated him to pursue a different path and accomplish his dreams of writing, arranging and singing Gospel Music. “As I matured in the faith, I realized that singing gospel music was utilizing a part of my gift”.  Resultantly, L’ was inspired to begin writing songs with a positive influence and powerful message. 

       L’Horace embraces his musical gift/abilities, and is determined to express it effectively to the masses. There is no limit to this cross-genre Artiste, as his compilation of songs is evidently diverse. His music is easily perceived, crosses barriers, and speaks to the hearts of people from various ethnic, cultural and musical backgrounds. 

       L’Horace’s debut single, “In The Morning” is definitely a sign that he is authentic. The song has an infectious hook, and the message is real. From intro to outro this song will have you happy. As if the reggae version wasn’t inspirational enough, the acoustic extended version will just capture your heart. 

Also, be on the lookout for a follow-up to his debut. It will be a remake of a Stevie Wonder Classic, “Love’s In Need”.